Digital Flip Clock Widget for Notion

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Introducing the Digital Flip Clock Widget for Notion

I love Notion for this. It's a versatile and powerful productivity tool that helps me stay organized and achieve my goals. And the best part. You can customize it with whatever you like. When I came across the possibility to add widgets to Notion it really stuck with me.

I came across the widget functionality and liked the extensibility that it provides to your Workspaces. However, while there were some cool widgets out there, I didn't like them too much. Some of them were just not my style or did not provide what I wanted. So I decided to build my own. Starting with a digital flip clock for you to embed into your notion pages.

The Digital Flip Clock Widget I built is a stylish and functional clock that can be easily added to your Notion dashboard. It features a retro flip clock design, light and dark modes, and the best part, it is free. Plus, it's fully responsive and seamlessly integrates with Notion. Don't miss a flip – embed your Digital Flip Clock Widget today!

Get your copy here!

What is a Notion Widget

Notion widgets are small, interactive applications that can be added to a page or dashboard to enhance its functionality. They can be used to display information, provide interactive features, or perform specific tasks.

How to use Notion Widgets

To use a widget, you simply need to copy the link of any webpage and then paste it to your page or dashboard. Once added, the widget will appear as a small box on the page, and you can interact with it by clicking or hovering over it. Depending on the widget, you may be able to customize its appearance or behavior by adjusting its settings.

Simply type the /embed command and select it from the option list. Then simply paste the URL and resize it to your needs.

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